Visits y excursions

Lonja del Pescado (Fish Market)

Situated in the explanation of Lo Pagan. It offers the possibility to know the auction sale of fishes newly capturated, although they can be bought directly from fishes.

Punta de Algas

The access from La Llana beach (Mediterranean Sea) or from the Baño de la Mota or “Los Barros” (Mar Menor) zone. From this place it can be observed the “encañizada” (typical fishing art from Mar Menor) in the natural union of the Mar Menor wih the Mediterranean Sea.

Museo del Mar (Sea Museum)

Located in the Lorenzo Morales street (“Hogar del Pescador”, Fishers House building), in San Pedro del Pinatar, it offers collections of: sea-shell, fish denture, mollusc caparison, miniature of typical art from Mar Menor (like the “encañizadas of Punta de Algas), knots, cartografic maps, etc.

Condes de Villar de Felices Palace or “Russian House”

Huge dimension building and palacetic line, it is located into the center of San Pedro del Pinatar. It was built al the end of XIX century assigned by Benifayo Baron, who assigned also to built a similar palace in the Isla Mayor (Major Island) of the Mar Menor.

San Sebastian’s House or “Clock’s House”

It is modernist style house and was built in the XIX century by the Server-Sporttorno family (very known one in Murcia). It is rounded by a little palm and eucalyptus garden and its name comes from the clock situated in its principal façade. In may 1889, D. Emilio Castelar y Ripoll, Spanish Republic President, died in this house, who used to stay long relax temps in San Pedro del Pinatar.

In the region

Fruit trees (Vega Alta and Media del Segura), mountain (Sierra Espuña, magnifically poblated with pines), nearly unknown and very beutiful parts (in the northwest, Caravaca de la Cruz and Moratalla), vineyard lands (Jumilla and Yecla), monumental and historical towns (Lorca, the Sun Town) and other where you can encounter notable muslim influences (Abanilla and Ricote).

In the Costa Calida, it is suggested to do an sea excursion through the Mar Menor, there are several organized tours.

The visit to the capital must include the Fuensanta’s Santuary (Santuario de Fuensanta), at five kilometres and where you can observe and splendid panoramic to the Huerta (Market Garden); the Salzillo Museum, musicium whose music murcian people go into procession in Holy Week (Semana Santa); the Cathedral; the Casiono, and the old town.

Going to Cartagena you must see, the popular suburb of Santa Lucia (according to the tradition, into its beaches the apostle Santiago landed); Torres Park; Archeologic Museum, very rich in roman grounds; Virgen de la Caridad church, town patron, and the monuments to the Heros of Cavite and the Isaac Peral’s submarine.

Street Markets

  • Monday: San Pedro del Pinatar
  • Tuesday: Los Alcázares
  • Wednesday: Santiago de la Ribera
  • Thursday: San Javier
  • Friday: Torrevieja (morning), Pilar de la Horadada (afternoon-evening)
  • Saturday: Torre-Pacheco
  • Sunday: Cabo de Palos


Like appetizer there are common salted fishes like mojama, mujol and tuna spawn, the tasteful prawns of the Mar Menor, and also sausages.

Caldero rice, made with ñoras, garlic and different varieties fishes, is the most important plate. In the same way there are also important Dorada and Mujol fishes prepared to the salt.

The regional wines are Yecla, Jumillas and Bullas.

Popular parties and festivals

San Pedro del Pinatar and Lo Pagan
Christmast, Misa del Gallo (Midnight Mass), several actuations.
Mar Menor
San Javier
Santiago de la Ribera
Los Alcazares
Los Narejos
La Manga del Mar Menor
Cabo de Palos
La Unión
Service guide

Medical Asistence and Social Security

  • Lo Pagan. Centro de Salud. Edif. Casa del Mar (Explanada). Tel. 968.184728
  • San Pedro del Pinatar. Centro Médico de Salud. C/ Miguel de Unamuno, 8. Tel. 968.181710 (urgencies y public attention). Tels.: 968.180230 – 968.182062.


  • Lo Pagán. Ldo. Muruera Alvarez.. Avda. Gereralísimo, s/n. Tel. 968.182090.
  • Lo Pagán. Lda. Munuera González. C/ General Casola, 9. Tel. 968.180893.
  • San Pedro del Pinatar. Ldo. Lorente Tortosa. Avda. del Taibilla, s/n. Tel. 968.185870.
  • San Pedro del Pinatar. Ldo. Muruera Martínez. C/ Dr. Ferrero Velasco, 2. Tel. 968.180678.
  • San Pedro del Pinatar. Lda. González Pomares. C/ Emilio Castelar, 57. Tel. 968.183793.

Travel agencies

  • San Pedro del Pinatar. Nilo-Tour. C/ Almirante Guitan Vietio, 14. Tel. 968.182415.
  • San Pedro del Pinatar. Viajes Pinatar I. C/ Emilio Castelar, 82. Tel. 968.186035 – 968.186174.
  • San Pedro del Pinatar. Viajes Pinatar II. C/ Emilio Castelar, 40. Tel. 968.184328 – Fax 968.183603.


  • San Pedro del Pinatar. Rent-Menor. Avda. Dr. Artero Guirao, 232. Tel. 968.182410 – 908.044894

Taxi stops

  • Lo Pagán. Avda. Generalísimo (Explanada de la Feria).
  • San Pedro del Pinatar. C/ Victor Pradera (junto Ayuntamiento). Tel. 968.181760.
  • Radio Taxi. 968.180808 – 968.186996.

Public Library

  • Lo Pagán. Parque de los Reyes de España (edificio Casa del Mar).
  • San Pedro del Pinatar. C/ Alcalde Julio Albaladejo, 16 (edificio Casa de Cultura). Tel. 968.182575.

Interest telephones

  • Murcia’s airport 968.172900.
  • San Pedro del Pinatar Town Hall. 968.180600.
  • Fire-brigade (Los Alcázares). 968.171302.
  • Casa de la Juventud (Youth House). 968.184352.
  • Medical Center (Lo Pagán). 968.184728.
  • Medical Center (San Pedro del Pinatar). 968.181710.
  • Post Office. 968.180751.
  • Fishermen House (Cofradia de Pescadores). 968.181920.
  • Cruz Roja (Red Cross – ambulancies). 968.187718.
  • Train Station Balsicas. Mar Menor. 968.580052.
  • Bus/Coach Station Cartagena. 968.505656.
  • Bus/Coach Stación San Pedro. 968.182942.
  • Canoesism Public School. 968.187260.
  • Guardia Civil (Police). 968.180610.
  • Los Arcos Hospital (La Ribera). 968.570050.
  • Mar Menor Ocanografic Institute. 968.180511.
  • Sea Museum (Museo del Mar). 968.181920.
  • Tourist Office. 968.182301.
  • Local Police. 968.188092.
  • Public Polisportive. 968.185480.
  • Public Swimming Pool. 968.183765.
  • Radio Pinatar 87,9 FM. 968.187620.
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